UK Shooters Instagram Meet

Saturday, 18 February 2017

Last weekend I took part in an Instagram meet in London. The meet started at St. Thomas’ Hospital park and went on to Leake Street Tunnel and later in the evening over to the London Eye.

The guys who organised it arranged for models to come and pose for all of the photographers. We were also lucky enough to have some smoke grenades to use and add to the dramatic effect of some of the photos.

The meet had an awesome turnout and was a great day out meeting lots of fellow grammers with the sole purpose of taking some awesome pictures. Take a look for yourself:

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A huge shout out to the organisers over at UK Shooters, UK Portraits and Smoke Grenades. Be sure to check out their pages.


Album Review – Danny Seth Perceptions

For quite sometime I haven’t updated this blog. I kind of didn’t know what I wanted to write about. To be completely honest I had too many things I wanted to write about but couldn’t decide.

Until today.

I’ve decide to start a series of music reviews. Music I find tells a story, rather than being a pure commercial activity.

I listen to so many different genres but recently I’ve really delved into hip-hop and rap. Not just any, the more indie stuff, so quite far away from the big names and labels, but of equally high quality.

Today’s blog will talk about Danny Seth and his brand new mixtape, Perceptions.

Danny Seth - Perceptions Album Art
Danny Seth – Perceptions

Danny Seth is a rapper from Watford, London and is a white Jewish 22 year-old and describes his own endeavour in the music industry as unconventional, because

I’m a white Jewish boy, and where I’m from it’s not the most normal thing to be a rapper

Just as his name is starting to be recognized in the US he has released his mixtape named Perceptions. The 17 track album is available for free download nonetheless.  I stress the fact that it took three years to make as the quality of Danny Seth’s work is amazing and the featurings are on par.

One of my favourite things about this album is that the recurring theme isn’t bandz, money, guns, swag and so on, instead it is about being recognized as an artist. The first track is “Monumental” and the beat is quite epic to say the least and his general flow is off the hook. 

The producers on the album have done a great job and it wouldn’t be fair to not give them any credit. Zach Nahome is a fellow Londoner and produces the majority of the beats. 

Danny isn’t afraid of making bold statements and you can tell after the first track. He takes us on a journey of what it took him to become what he is and this is consistent throughout the album.  

Danny darling is possibly my favourite track and the beat is something special with some great orchestral tones. The message once again is actually something quite personal to him, as it is an open letter to his stepmother after the split with his father. 

Don’t worry though, as the tracks do get a bit lighter especially in Be and Remember allowing the listener to not be completely engulfed by the “darker” theme of the work. 

Danny Seth manages to create an atmosphere that transports the listener to another world and his personality really transpires. This is important because an artist needs to have a lighter release and cannot always be overshadowed by dark and sad messages. 

On the whole I have to say this is an amazing album and allows you to get lost in it. Keep your eye out for this kid as he has a promising career ahead. 

If you have any comments leave them below and if you have any artists to suggest I’m always on the lookout for some brand new music! 

Short Introduction and Welcome

Welcome to my Blog! 

You might be wondering who I am, how did you get here, why am I reading this and should I care? Don’t worry there are no wrong answers. My suggestion is to just listen (read) to my rant about everything and nothing. I’m new to this blogging world. I always avoided it because I thought I had nothing to say. Then it hit me, I may not be as boring as I thought and maybe someone out there will like what I have to say for myself.

A bit of history

Call me Matt! I’ve been a bit here and a bit there. What I call home probably makes no sense to any of you. Grew up in Australia, then Italy, then near the Austrian border for University, London for a few months, back to Italy and now in London (again).

So anyway, here we are, divided by a piece of technology. This first post is an introduction and I’ll most likely go off topic almost all the way to the end, so bear with me!

What can you expect from this blog?

First off I’m a TV series and Movies addict, motorbike enthusiast (maybe not the right word, name any bike and I’ll probably be able to tell you anything about it, from engine size to price..seriously!), sports fanatic (tennis and football player and avid snowboarder), photography lover, random video game player aaaand tech nerd.

Reading this back to myself I think I might have too many things going on, but I guess I wouldn’t have it any other way.

So basically, that is me! No more, no less.

If you would like to join me on this blogging journey go for it. I would love the company and it would make me feel less like the crazy person who talks to themselves on the tube. We all know that guy..

London Victoria Station
London Victoria Station