UK Shooters Instagram Meet

Saturday, 18 February 2017

Last weekend I took part in an Instagram meet in London. The meet started at St. Thomas’ Hospital park and went on to Leake Street Tunnel and later in the evening over to the London Eye.

The guys who organised it arranged for models to come and pose for all of the photographers. We were also lucky enough to have some smoke grenades to use and add to the dramatic effect of some of the photos.

The meet had an awesome turnout and was a great day out meeting lots of fellow grammers with the sole purpose of taking some awesome pictures. Take a look for yourself:

dsc_9273 dsc_9681 dsc_9999 dsc_9882 dsc_9865 dsc_9614 dsc_9646 dsc_9360 dsc_9338 dsc_9325 dsc_9288 dsc_9227 dsc_9011 dsc_90111 dsc_9010 dsc_8999 dsc_8929 dsc_8983 dsc_9130 dsc_8967 clone tag: 5585936763221247151 clone tag: -25994383738516601 dsc_92101 dsc_9595 dsc_9768 dsc_9711 clone tag: 3666550240256013784

A huge shout out to the organisers over at UK Shooters, UK Portraits and Smoke Grenades. Be sure to check out their pages.


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